1Do K1-cure has age limit?
Apparently not, KARASADAE brand is formulating with nature origin ingredients which is gentle to use everyday.
2where can I buy K1-CURE or KARASADAE ?
Amazon (KARASADAE Stroe front) :


โ–ผ Contact to Foreign Department for further consult.
( Tel : +82-31-424-5875 / IP : 070-7724-5875 / KARASADAE CS : +82-10-5045-5875 )
Kakaotalk Plus โ†’ KARASADAE or karasadae
Wechat โ†’ karasadaecs
Line โ†’ karasadae
WhatsApp & Viber โ†’ +82-10-5045-5875
3How to use?
You can check in Youtube : KARASADAE beauty Channel
Search term ; karasadae or k1-cure
4What is difference from cosmetic and functionally certified product?
Functionally Certified product is not a medication, however, by Korea FDA analysis, the contained ingredients are as effective as pharmaceutically which has higher efficacy compare to ordinary cosmetic. The percentage of ingredients and the formulating of functionally Certified product is complexed state rather ordinary cosmetic, it is maximizing efficacy as much as medicated product.
5How to exchange or get refund?
If consumer used or opened the product, due to the condition of selling has been defected, it is hard to exchange or refunded. Especially Oversea purchaser must be noted that by oneโ€™s changing mind, to get refund, the full fee of Return delivery will be charged to purchaser. On the other hand, by product defect or not-open product can be exchanged until 7days from receiving product date. Available period of getting oversea refund is till 7days from receiving the product date as the product condition needed to be as same as mentioned above

1. By changing mind : Refund & Exchange is available until 7days from receiving product date. (The full fee of delivery will be charged)
2. By defect found : Refund & Exchange will be proceed in free of charge until 7 days from receiving product date.
3. Product condition : Not used, Not opened, No package defect or removal
6Should I apply product only onto the trouble area?
We suggest that for the further improvement of scalp condition, it is better that consumer to use on whole head and massage gently for better absorption.
7If the pump of product is not popping up what should I do?
First hold the bottom part of pump, which part is holding the stem of the pump, rotate the pump as following open direction. Even after trial, it doesn't work, please kindly contact KARASADAE CS ( Please check FAQ 2 )
8How much bottle or the period should I use product?
Depends on the userโ€™s scalp & hair type, the usage and duration will be different. To see improvement, we suggest using the product at least 3 months. Normally full circulation of hair growth cycle takes 3 months. Then you will see the difference (It is easy to figure out if you take photo of first date of using and recent days of the condition with same posture.)

On average rate,
- Shampoo
1 bottle duration ( 1month โ€“ 1 & half month )
Man : 2 - 3 pumps of shampoo for everyday.
Woman : 3 โ€“ 5 pumps of shampoo for everyday

- Tonic Serum
The tonic serum apply whole part of scalp.
Man : 1 bottle ( 1month โ€“ 1 & half month )
Woman : 1 bottle ( 1month )

- Scaling Toner
Oily type : everyday ( 1 - 2 months )
Dry & Normal type : 2-3 times a week : 1 bottle ( 3- 6 months )

- Scalp Gel
Troubled & Hair treatment : everyday ( 1 - 2 months )
Scalp & Hair treatment : 2-3times a week ( 2 - 4 months )
Hair treatment : everyday ( 1 โ€“ 1 & half month)
Intense Hair treatment : 2-3 times a week : 1 bottle ( 2 - 4 months )
9Memberโ€™s Benefits
Take a look at memberโ€™s table. The member benefit is only available to whom purchase in official KARASADAE.COM.
10How can I order in KARASADAE.COM and have memberโ€™s Benefits.
To oversea delivery take place different rate of charge depends on the area of shipping. It needs further consult. Please kindly check KARASADAE CS and contact us freely.
11For the matter of importing or distributorship, where should I contact?
To have further discussion, please kindly contact foreign department manager Esica, Seo.
esicak1@gmail.com / +82-10-6277-0950 / 070-7724-5875