For all the family memberโ€™s scalp & hair,
KARASADAE will take care of.

KARASADAE CO.,LTD is under the Godโ€™s control, we love our clientโ€™s like our body and flesh.

KARASADAEโ€™ is a specialized scalp & Hair care manufacturer where warm hearted people have gathered achieve our vision,
which is to practice healthy body and mind and to provide happiness and satisfaction to our customers with sincere heart.

By leading pioneer of Scalp & Hair industry, KARASADAE is presenting and researching the importance of Scalp care, which was focused only on Hair care.
In order to expand better experience of scalp and hair improvement for all the concerning customers.
KARASADAE CO.,LTD is strive to beyond the Dermathologist product with implement love, stewardship and research capabilities to develop professional brand in Scalp, hair, and skin care. We do research and development aim for achieving beautiful changes in our clientโ€™s everyday life.

We ask for your continuous support and interest in the constant challenges and changes of KARASADAE.

Appreciation with pleasant greeting.

- KARASADAE Executive and Members -